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Our PR agency is like a perfectly tuned band: Sometimes we beat the drum, at other times we paint the town red, rock and wear ourselves out and from time to time we just hit the quiet tones in the background. But no matter what happens, we always hit the right note. At this point, we would like to present to you for whom we play and have played.

Website launch for Xinegear
We designed the website for the start-up company Xinegear. The webpage of the camera and camera equipment distributor convinces through clear and modern design with high-res pictures. The Wordpress-based page is user-friendly and easy to maintain. Apart from the website launch, we also designed the corporate design and the business equipment such as business cards and corporate letterheads.

Web development: Start the film! Website launch for Xinegear

Event PR for Qvest Media
Designing creative exhibition stands that attract the attention of visitors and remain in good memory are a challenge at every exhibition. We supported Qvest Media with the implementation, planning and advertisement of an innovative live stage on which the system architect and his partners gave presentations on latest developments of the industry.

BroadcastAsia 2016 Event PR for Qvest Media

concept, design und technical realisation for Riedel
Riedel's website relaunch impresses its customers and partners with high-res images and videos of sports events, exhibitions and products. We developed the concept, the design and took over the technical implementation of the new website. The homepage now includes the 'Fields of Use‘, as a special feature. This entails user stories from the manufacturer, which are told with the help of digital storytelling in an exciting and picturesque

Website-Relaunch and Storytelling concept, design und technical realisation for Riedel

Event PR plus4media
As a gift for our customers, we organized a cooking event. In the premises of the old „Zigarrenfabrik“ (cigar factory) in Cologne, we had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of three experienced chefs. We cooked together and spent a great evening in a pleasant atmosphere.

Cooking event Event PR plus4media

Corporate Communications for Marcel Hartmann Racing
Since the beginning of 2016, plus4media has been handling communication activities for Marcel Hartmann Racing. From consulting right through to implementation, the agency supports the team around the 17-year-old racing driver in all PR matters. The awareness of the company is increasing in the motorsport world and its positioning developed in sports and daily media.

PR Consultancy and Realisation Corporate Communications for Marcel Hartmann Racing

Change of Name from Wellen+Nöthen to Qvest Media
As part of the change of name from Wellen+Nöthen to Qvest Media, we developed a holistic B2B campaign and implemented the global brand strategy. This included the creation of a new, global website from programming through to text and image creation, writing of press and customer mailings as well as the development of the complete corporate design – starting from the logo, via business cards right through to workwear.

Rebranding and Global Growth Strategy Change of Name from Wellen+Nöthen to Qvest Media

Event PR for GE Healthcare
Once again in 2015, plus4media was responsible on behalf of GE Healthcare for the entire PR planning prior to the congress, the preparation of press releases, taking care of the press and for the organization and supervision of expert interviews. One of the highlights was the presentation of the Coolidge Awards endowed with EUR 15,000.

96th Deutscher Röntgenkongress 2015 Event PR for GE Healthcare

Corporate Communcations for GE Germany
Concept, design and production of a corporate anthology to mark the 130th anniversary of GE in Germany – the bilingual, evocative contemporary history book was distributed during the official celebrations to selected recipients in business, politics and society all over the world.

130 Years of Anthology GE in Germany Corporate Communcations for GE Germany

Internal Communcations for GE Germany
The GEmeinsam staff magazine, published quarterly by GE Germany, serves as a channel of internal communication and informs more than 6,000 employees about changes and news within the Group. Our work covers the complete editing, design and printing process, as well as the logistical distribution of the magazine.

GEmeinsam Employee Magazine Internal Communcations for GE Germany

Employee Communications for Weber Group
For the Weber Group, we were required to develop a corporate model, with which the more than 1,000 employees could identify. A particular challenge here was the inclusion of cultural differences between the company’s locations in Europe and Asia. In an approximately nine-month process, we accompanied Weber from the first kick-off workshop right through to the company-wide introduction of the corporate model.

Development of Corporate Philosophy Employee Communications for Weber Group

Corporate Communcations for Qvest Media
For Qvest Media, formerly Wellen+Nöthen, a technology service provider in the Broadcast and IT sectors, we designed and implemented a comprehensive corporate brochure. In sixty pages, it informed readers about the company's product portfolio and, in various case studies and reference projects, highlighted the specialist’s competitiveness.

Realization of Corporate Brochure Corporate Communcations for Qvest Media

Online Communications for wezi-med
Clear and modern design for the medical equipment manufacturer wezi-med. plus4media designed a new website for the company which reflects the overall concept of the company.

wezi-med Microsite Online Communications for wezi-med

Event PR for Qvest Media
A cocktail bar as a trade fair stand? When media companies come together annually at the IBC trade fair in Amsterdam, it takes a convincing concept to attract visitors to one’s own stand – in particular if, like Qvest Media, you have no products but only services to present.

IBC 2015 Event PR for Qvest Media

Documentation PR for GE Energy
In a road movie, plus4media documented the journey of a blade for a wind turbine from the production site of the manufacturer in Salzbergen all the way to Berlin. In order for the low-loader to deliver its giant cargo undamaged at its destination, on the nighttime tour, every centimeter counted. Effectively staged, the “GE Blade Tour” enthralled customers, the public and the media alike.

Documentation "Auf Reise mit einem Riesen" Documentation PR for GE Energy

Product Design for Dornseifer
Product packaging creates brand awareness scores for brands, arouses the emotions of the buyers, leads to sales impulses and contains important consumer information about the product. For the “Frisch&Fertig” soup range from the Dornseifer group of companies, we developed a distinctive design line and were responsible for both the concept and the design of the packages.

Design of Product Package Product Design for Dornseifer

Product PR for GE Healthcare
With its “One Services Concept”, GE Healthcare purposefully recognizes changing market conditions and customer requirements. Our short video statements from employees and customers provide an informative overview of the introduction of the company’s “One Services Concept”.

GE One Services Imagefilm Product PR for GE Healthcare

Product PR for GE Healthcare
For the production of a report on a new angiography system, despite the very short pre-production and planning phase, we faced up to the special challenge of filming during ongoing surgical operations. Thus, we accompanied the “First operation”, filmed beauty shots and conducted interviews with the responsible cardiac surgeons and cardiologists.

GE Healthcare Discovery IGS 730 Imagefilm Product PR for GE Healthcare

SEO and SEA for KBM Legal
Anyone who wants to be found on the Internet must meet certain requirements in order that search engines like Google assess the appropriate Internet presence positively and place it in the leading positions. For the KBM Legal law firm we conduct extensive SEO measures. Using targeted on and off-page measures, we continuously have the law firm listed among the top 10 search results.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing SEO and SEA for KBM Legal

Website Relaunch for KBM Legal
Modern Search Engine Optimization requires mobile-enabled websites. As the advising SEO agency for the KBM Legal law firm, with offices in Cologne, Duesseldorf and Wiehl, we have, therefore, converted their website into a responsive design. Already at the opening of the law firm in 2012, we designed the website, which existed up to its relaunch.

Responsive Design Website Relaunch for KBM Legal

Product PR for SABIC Innovative Plastics
During the IAA in Frankfurt, we supported the launch of the concept vehicles Flex-Treme from Opel (GM) and the Chevrolet Volt for SABIC Innovative Plastics. The studies presented innovations of energy-saving, transparent polymer glazing as well as technologies for lightweight body parts.

IAA Product Launch Product PR for SABIC Innovative Plastics

Event PR plus4media
On our own behalf, annually in fall, in close cooperation with the Galerie Philine Cremer and the law firm KBM Legal, we organize a preview on changing themes for our customers and interested visitors.

Vernissage Event PR plus4media

Award PR for Qvest Media
Qvest Media was responsible, among other things, for the design, system architecture, planning and technical integration for the new Arab News Channel Alarab in Bahrain. We accompanied the major project with ongoing international press work. As a result, with our know-how, we helped Qvest Media to be recognized with the award of the “2014 MENA System Integrator” industry award against strong international competition.

Best Systems Integrator of the MENA Region Award PR for Qvest Media

Technical PR for Radiology Regensburg-Regenstauf
In order to perform examinations of the head on MRI practically silently, the Regensburg - Regenstauf radiology practice was provided with the heart of its new GE Silent Scan: a magnet weighing almost six-tons. This was delivered by a 45-meter heavy-duty crane and carried through an opening in the wall of the practice with only centimeters to spare. Our team was there and documented the extraordinary action which was successfully completed with absolute precision.

Storytelling of Silent Scan MRT Technical PR for Radiology Regensburg-Regenstauf

Dornseifer Currykult
“Currykult” is the curry sausage from the convenience food range of the food retailer Dornseifer. Our contribution in the product development was, among other things, the name branding and the development of unique USPs, such as, for example, the individual refining of the curry sausage through the accompanying seasoning sachet with chili and curry powder. For the product launch in 2012, we created a microsite for “Currykult” and supervised the launch campaign in social networks.

Support Product Development "Currywurst" Dornseifer Currykult

Corporate Communications for Asklepios
In close cooperation with the responsible graphics agency of Asklepios Kliniken, the 265-page, lavishly illustrated book “Bauten für Asklepios” (“Buildings for Asklepios”), for which we were responsible for editing the text, was produced. The work provides a detailed overview of all the buildings of the largest private hospital operator in Europe.

Structures for Asklepios Corporate Communications for Asklepios

Microsite for General Electric
For the medical appliance manufacturer, GE Healthcare, we created the technical basis for the “Planner Portal”. The GE Healthcare Planner Portal is a platform on which architects, system planners, hospitals and practices will find the latest sample plans, data sheets and planning data for solutions and products from the company, in order to incorporate them in the planning of their projects.

Designer Portal Microsite for General Electric

Technical PR for FUS Zentrum Bottrop
The FUS-Center at the Marienhospital in Bottrop relies for the treatment of uterine fibroids on the non-invasive MRgFUS (MRI-guided focused ultrasound treatment). Through targeted consumer and specialist PR, we supported the Center with its press work and produced video statements in which, among others, Dr. med. György Lövey, expert for oncology radiotherapy in Bottrop, explains the advantages of the process.

PR and Video Statements Technical PR for FUS Zentrum Bottrop

IBC DINNER Qvest Media
Away from the hustle and bustle of the trade show, with its IBC DINNER Qvest Media takes the opportunity to have a relaxed exchange with its customers in a prestigious Amsterdam restaurant. For the participant management, the company relies on our expertise: With the mailing of a print invitation, guests will receive a personal code, which allows them to confirm their participation online. The entire registration process is thus digitized and optimized for both mobile devices and desktop applications.

Participant Management for Fair Event IBC DINNER Qvest Media

PR for energetrium ag
For the nationwide network of independent energy consultants, energetrium, we beat the drum to mark the start of business activity in Germany, both through classical PR activity and an Open Day in Cologne, as well as through the editing of texts for the image brochure and website.

Network of Energy Consultants PR for energetrium ag

B2B eCommerce for Qvest Media
The e-commerce trade is steadily increasing in the B2B sector. The world's leading systems architect for broadcast and media technology, Qvest Media, has aligned its sales activities on and reinforced by an online store. The shop is aimed at commercial customers and leading products from leading manufacturers in the fields of broadcast, AV, IT and media technology, post-production as well as accessories. In addition to the technical launch, we also look after the development of the online shop system.

Technical Development Onlineshop B2B eCommerce for Qvest Media

Corporate Communications for GE Energy
GE Energy works on the development and implementation of intelligent networks, so-called “Smart Grids”. The diverse applications of geo-information systems are grouped together under the term “Smallworld”. To explain the possibilities of the Smallworld applications to a professional audience, our agency developed an attractive information brochure.

Smallworld Brochure Corporate Communications for GE Energy

Participant Management for General Electric
For the participant management of various events, GE uses an Event Management platform developed and managed by us. With this system, the entire participant management can be conducted online – from registration via event-related information, ticketing for seminars, which are subject to a charge, right through to follow-up services aimed at customer loyalty after an event.

Event Management Platform Participant Management for General Electric

Corporate Communications for GE Germany
Germany is one of the most important growth markets for GE – not only in Europe, but worldwide. We have supported the company with the conception, design and printing of its “GE in GErmany” image brochure and a factsheet. The focus of the 24-page brochure is on the presence, commitment and innovative strength of the company.

"GE in GErmany" Image Brochure and FactSheet Corporate Communications for GE Germany

PR for wezi-med Medizintechnik
wezi-med develops medical technology solutions using innovative plastics – for example, a specimen pouch which is produced without the use of any metal whatsoever as a pioneering instrument for tissue and organ extraction. Our task is to comprehensibly communicate such biocompatible developments from the company in a constant dialog with the specialist medical press.

Innovations PR for Medical Solutions PR for wezi-med Medizintechnik

Website Relaunch for Dornseifer
To mark the 50th anniversary of the food retail chain Dornseifer GmbH, the company has modernized its website. plus4media provided the technical basis for this and, on the basis of a new Typo3 system, adapted the CMS in accordance with the wishes of Dornseifer and programmed special plug-ins.

Responsive Design Website Relaunch for Dornseifer

Sales Website for Qvest Media
Mobile Production Units are usually permanently in use in the broadcasting business. That makes it difficult to present the various versions of OB vehicles to potential customers. Qvest Media has, therefore, made use of the possibilities of a digital showroom, in order to be able to present the mobile studios on a Webpage. plus4media has realized the “Passion for Broadcast” page for that purpose.

Passion for Broadcast Sales Website for Qvest Media