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Public Relations

Effective Public Relations Work

Public Relations is far more than competing for attention. Its aim is to communicate information, anchor messages, create credibility and build trust with a view to achieving an enduring positive image. Good PR helps to imbue companies, products and brands with emotion and to bring them to life, thus achieving the foundation for authentic identification.

With a sure feeling for topics and trends, we tell exciting stories, get right to the heart of complex subject matter and create images in the minds of the desired target groups. Using appropriate communication techniques, we raise the profile of companies, products and services, and help to make new markets and customer groups accessible.

Technology PR and Innovation PR

Mental images

Technology PR and innovation PR are challenging and exciting. In order to communicate the advantages of technologies and pioneering innovations in a skilled and intelligible manner, a high level of tech-savviness and expertise is required. Furthermore, this needs to be linked with a passion for technology and for complex relations – since this is the only way, new mental images can be created.

Our PR agency creates the transmission belt for the communication of complex subject matters and new themes. With top-notch expertise, practical experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we embed innovations and technologies into superordinate megatrends, and make them available to the widest range of interest groups. The result: technology and innovation PR that illustrates and accentuates the far-reaching importance of your projects and solutions.

Product PR

A sense for themes and trends

Objectively convincing, emotionally compelling, technically fascinating, succinctly communicated and grippingly related: We make your product, solution or service come alive. Good product communication creates an impact, focuses on the user and forges strong brand identification. Drawing on our product PR expertise and employing our unerring sense for trends, we pinpoint themes that really interest and convince the media and target groups.

We use perfectly tailored measures to achieve effective product PR for you – be it as part of a product launch, a relaunch or for a current product marketing initiative. Through a high news value combined with the necessary media relevance, we showcase your product or service in an effective, convincing and enduring manner.

Brand Management

Unleashing Brand Potential

What makes a brand valuable? How does it become desirable? When do we trust a company, product or service promise? Whether you are entering the market as a pioneer or an early or late adopter – sensory overload, saturated markets, plagiarism and shortening product cycles are making it ever more difficult to leave a lasting impression.

However, identity and authenticity make it possible. With strategic brand management and smart brand communication, we develop the unique identity of your brand and capture the attention of your target groups while developing them. In this way, your brand becomes authentic, distinctive and experiential.

Public Relations Services

PR Consultancy

PR consultancy, communication analysis, strategy development, definition of communication goals, development of PR measures

Every company, every brand, every product, every business project is unique. As part of our PR consultancy service, we support you in translating your USP into appropriate messages. Together, we develop communication goals that form the foundation for a suitable mix of PR measures.

Media Relations

Construction of media networks, identification of multipliers, press liaison, external press office, agenda setting

Successful PR work is not done by chance. Rather it comes as the result of exceptional contacts with the appropriate media, journalists and multipliers. As a PR agency with the optimal media networks, we ensure that professionally prepared and authentically communicated information with high media relevance reaches the right recipients.

Press Work

Editing & text, press releases & technical articles, story placement, media monitoring, response analysis

Good texts are informative. They entertain, spark interest and awaken the curiosity to find out more. Our editors and copywriters find just the right words for press releases, carefully researched technical articles, newsletters and blog posts. Thereby, media monitoring is afforded equal status to the measurement of the response to your media presence.

Press and PR Events

Press conferences, round tables, editorial visits, press trips, product launches, one-to-ones, interviews, trade fair assistance

PR events are a proven means of sparking fascination with companies, products and services. Our public relations agency helps you with the creation, planning and execution of PR effective events. Location scouting, invitation and guest management, media briefings and Q&As as well as on-site support: We ensure everything runs smoothly and pull the strings behind the scenes. The result? You have time to concentrate on other things that matter and do not have to worry about the details during your event.

Corporate Publishing

Print and online media, brochures, business reports, employee magazines, newsletters

Professionally produced publications effectively provide information on companies, products and services. They achieve the necessary transparency to target the widest range of recipients. Company brochures, business reports, employee magazines, technical documentation, e-newsletters: In the corporate publishing sphere, different rules apply for every medium and each has its own objectives. Our comprehensive range of services is at your disposal: from conception to editing up to a convincing layout. For further information on our expertise in online publishing, visit: Online-Publishing