Online & Digital Communication

The Next Big Thing

As recently as a decade ago, it was unusual for companies to have an active online presence. Nowadays, in contrast, online marketing, e-commerce, value-added services and interaction via blogs and social media with customers, business partners and the general public are part of the standard online repertoire of successful companies. The result: Digital strategy has become an essential component of the marketing mix and plays a pivotal role in business success.

Our agency was quick to identify these signs of the times. Ever since it was established, our "ONLINE" unit has offered the complete spectrum of online PR and digital communication services. Driven by our already high level of tech-savviness, we have built up a team of online specialists consisting of online consultants, web designers and developers, online editors and SEO and SEA experts. Drawing on our peerless know-how and skills, we can also ensure successful outcomes for your online projects.

Websites, Blogs & Co.

Online Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

In recent years, expectations of online presences have grown considerably and a simple homepage no longer suffices to draw attention to content, products and services. Contemporary web presences are built using responsive design so that they automatically adapt to the chosen device and resolution. They have built-in blogs and social media options and fit seamlessly into existing business processes.

From consultancy, planning and design through to programming and content preparation – with creative élan and technical know-how, we develop bespoke online solutions for you. And by integrating leading content management systems such as TYPO3, Drupal and Wordpress, we ensure that you remain in charge at all times and can edit and manage your website, landing pages or microsite independently.

Content Marketing & SEO

Content is King

Anyone wishing to be found online needs both to offer interesting content and use professional search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to content marketing, a host of different measures are required and various adjustments need to be made in order to feature at the top of the search results on the leading search engines. To achieve successful SEO, our agency therefore employs three interconnected and interdependent tools: on-page technology, on-page content and off-page measures.

On-Page Technology

Optimizing the technical structure of a website provides the foundation for search engine optimization. Effective on-page SEO technology ensures that the search engine can communicate easily with the website and swiftly finds the content it requires. Speaking URLs, a breadcrumb, responsive and mobile design, load time optimization and a host of other measures all have a key role to play here.

On-Page Content

A well-structured, informative and seamless content mix of texts, images and videos does wonders in boosting your search engine ranking. And this is the precise reason why such great importance is attached to content marketing. In addition, achieving the right keyword density and frequency will result in optimal indexing of the desired content.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization involves using the appropriate techniques to continuously build backlinks to your own website. The dissemination of online messages, social media measures and the monitoring, control and analysis of keywords, key phrases, the market and competitors using software-supported SEO tools also fall within this sphere. Our agency is well versed in all kinds of content marketing and search engine optimization techniques, and therefore can achieve high online rankings to really get your content, products and services noticed.

Social Media

Networked Communication

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest have become indispensable as online communication tools. This is because social media channels offer the opportunity for real-time communication and to directly address potential target and interest groups. It is therefore essential that all of a company's social media presences are constantly supported in order to maintain authentic communication, and also to assure that swift action can be taken in the event of a crisis. At the same time, an actively managed social media presence achieves awareness of content, products and services and helps to attract leads and new customers.

In addition, using social media is a tried and tested way of improving search engine optimization as content is disseminated more quickly and backlinks to your own website are generated. Ongoing management of social media presences also ensures that they achieve a high search engine ranking and can serve as an intersection point for further company presences and their content, whose value is further enhanced through user interaction, thus contributing to search engine optimization.