Agentur Kommunikationsberatung

Strategic Communication

Prevention and Firefighting

Good communication is important. In fact, it is absolutely essential. But if it is absent or insufficient, a fire quickly starts to smolder before developing into a brush fire and then a full-blown inferno.
Things must not be allowed to reach that stage. For with the right approach, good communication can be stirring, captivating and motivational, and can also snuff out a potential fire before it takes hold.

On an ongoing basis and tailored to your situation and needs, we help you to find the right pathways, tools and words.
And should a fire ever break out, we'll be by your side with our proven expertise in firefighting – in the context of internal communication and in business-related change processes, while our litigation PR unit can also help you in any tricky situations that require effective legal communication skills.

Internal Communication

"We have to get better in internal communications."

This statement might be familiar to you. Internal communication in companies is indeed important. In the context of corporate identity, good employee communication achieves a common awareness of goals and values, as well as of a company's interior and exterior effect. Achieving this can sometimes be very challenging, however. A decision must be taken on whether and to what extent employees should be incorporated into business decisions, processes and changes. How can employees be motivated, thereby unlocking potential for efficiency? Unfortunately, there isn't a patented solution for perfect employee communication.

The decisive factors are the individual situation of the business and its demands and goals with regard to employee communication. Working in partnership with you, we determine the right level for your company and your employees, the appropriate measures and the correct channels. In addition, we define the moment in which it makes sense to dispense with excess communication. In the ideal scenario, internal communication is an established element of corporate communication but in reality, its importance often only becomes clear when a crisis seems unavoidable. In this situation, our experts will once again be at your side, supporting you with the appropriate strategies, ideas and tools.

Change Communication

Change Management

"Those who do not wish to change anything will also lose what they seek to preserve."
These words by Gustav Heinemann put it in a nutshell: In order to survive in the global marketplace, companies must constantly realign and change. Changes in a company mean opportunities and can inject fresh momentum into the corporate culture or business processes. However, changes can also often spark uncertainty among employees, customers and partners.

For this reason, it is important to secure stakeholders' backing for changes in your company early through appropriate change communication. In strategic change management, we support your business change with authentic leadership communication that does not only inform but also ensures that enduring change is embedded in your company – particularly when the issues are highly charged.